A very British combination—Tea and Graphene—with an American price

Britain is famous for tea and also for graphene.

A recently published study combines the two. The study, called “Synergistic Effect Between Tea Polyphenols and Aluminum Flake on the Reduction of Graphene Oxide,” was written by a team of scientists in China. The publisher of the study—American Scientific Publishers—offers to sell you a copy of the study for US $105 plus tax.

(The first usable samples of graphene—a two-dimensional form of carbon—were obtained at the University of Manchester, by physicist Andre Geim and his student Konstantin Novoselov. Geim, an Ig Nobel Prize winner—together with Michael Berry of Bristol University‚ for using magnets to levitate a frog—and Novosolev were later awarded a Nobel Prize for that graphene research.)