What is this Ig Nobel thing?

Feeling uncertain about the Ig Nobel Prizes? Here are some recent reports that might clarify things — might make you LAUGH, then THINK:

Weird Science: Liquid-and Cats and Other Research from 2017’s Ig Nobel Awards,” The New Stack

Flamethrower against car lovers and gadget from long conversations: the top inventions of the winners of the Ig Nobel Prize“, Onliner [Russia]

“IG Nobel: of science and of humor” [ VIDEO ], Le 1945 [France]

These Are the 10 Absolutely Weirdest Scientific Studies of the Year“, Reader’s Digest

The Ig Nobel Awards 2017“, Naukas [Spain]

“Is the cat a liquid or solid? Hold crocodile gambling bigger? 2017 funny Nobel Prize winners ” part 1and part 2 [ VIDEO ], Mirror Weekly [Taiwan]

IgNobel, ecco la pazza scienza dei vincitori del 2017“, Wired [Italy]

Expect the Unexpected at the 2017 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony” and ” The 2017 Ig Nobel Awards: Cats Flow Like Liquids and Didgeridoos Stop Snoring ” and “Liquid ‘Cats and Old Men’s Big Ears: Humorous Research Abounds at the Ig Nobels” and “In Photos: The Science and Silliness of the 2017 Ig Nobels” and [VIDEO], Livescience

And a fun, half-hour-long radio musing/analysis on BFM-89.9’s Health News Digest radio program [AUDIO] [Malaysia]

BONUS: Some fun video news reports about the 2017 ceremony.