Cover image orientation in celebrity cookbooks (new study)

If you a reader, collector, participant, or are in any other way connected to, or interested in Celebrity Chefs’ Cookbooks you may have found yourself wondering whether the chefs pictured on the book covers predominantly tend to present their right cheek to the camera or their left cheek?

In that case, thanks to Dr Annukka Lindell of the Department of Psychology and Counselling, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, you now have information at hand to assist your research.

“Celebrity cookbook covers (N = 493) were sourced online; identity, portrait orientation, photo type, and sex were coded. For celebrity cookbooks, left cheek covers (39.6%) were more frequent than right cheek (31.6%) or midline covers (28.8%); sex did not predict pose orientation.”

See: Celebrity chefs put their left cheek forward: Cover image orientation in celebrity cookbooks in the current issue of Laterality: Asymmetries of Body, Brain and Cognition, Vol 25, 2017, issue 5.

* Note: “Only cookbooks available in hardback or paperback were sampled. Self-published eBooks were excluded: a chef without the media attention and publicity needed to garner a publication deal is, by definition, not a celebrity chef.”