Cinnamon to Induce Browning in the Fat of Fat Persons

A conjunction of thoughts might lead to the attempt at browning the fat of fat persons, if the results of this study hold sway:

Cinnamon induces browning in subcutaneous adipocytes,” Hiu Yee Kwan, Jiahui Wu, Tao Su, Xiao-Juan Chao, Bin Liu, Xiuqiong Fu, Chi Leung Chan, Rebecca Hiu Ying Lau, Anfernee Kai Wing Tse, Quan Bin Han, Wang Fun Fong and Zhi-ling Yu, Scientific Reports, vol. 7, article no. 2447, 2017.

The study includes photos of two flayed, dead mice.

The authors, at Hong Kong Baptist University, HKBU Shenzhen Research Institute and Continuing Education, Guangzhou Institute of Cardiovascular Disease, Guangzhou Key Laboratory of Cardiovascular Disease, and Guangzhou Medical University, explain:

“Browning is the process of increasing the number of brite cells, which helps to increase energy expenditure and reduce obesity. Consumption of natural and non-toxic herbal extracts that possess the browning effect is an attractive anti-obesity strategy. In this study, we examined the browning effect of cinnamon extract [CE]…. [Our] data suggest that CE has a browning effect in subcutaneous adipocytes. Our study [which involved fat mice] suggests a natural non-toxic herbal remedy to reduce obesity [in fat humans].”

(Thanks to Tony Tweedale for bringing this to our attention.)

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