Alwynne B. Beaudoin’s compost of dung research

Alwynne B. Beaudoin’s “The Dung File” is one of the more effusive collections of research about dung. Beaudoin says:

“The Dung File consists of a list of references dealing with pollen, parasites, and plant remains in coprolites and latrine fills from archaeological and palaeoenvironmental sites. The focus is on studies in North America, although the list also includes studies from many other areas. About 48% of the citations are from areas other than North America. The list includes mostly publications in the English language.”

The Dung File has a logo:


Who is Alwynne B. Beaudoin? Dr. Alwynne. B. Beaudoin is Head Curator, Earth Sciences, and Curator, Quaternary Environments, at the Royal Alberta Museum. That’s who.

(Thanks to Dan Odell for bringing this to our attention.)

UPDATE (January 8, 2017): Inéz López-Dóriga alerts us to the existence of a different list of dung research citations: “An Idiosyncratic and Not Exhaustive Bibliography for Animal Dung and Archaeology,” accumulated by Naomi F. Miller (pictured here) of the University of Pennsylvania Museum. López-Dóriga alerts us also to the National Poo Museum, the contents of which are deposited in the museum, which is on the Isle of Wight.