2016 in Hair (Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists™)

Here at close of 2016 The Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists (LFHCfS), and it’s sibling clubs, have collected the year’s new members into its 2016 Members Gallery.

Some of 2016's new members to the LFHCfS
K. Bell, M. Coffey, M. Glesner, and K. Wampler are among the 2016 members of the LFHCfS

Individual members are first announced as they are inducted throughout the year, in the Improbable Blog’s Hair Club section (with one exception this year**), and then collected into an annual gallery in the hair clubs’ website each December.

State of The Hair Clubs:
In 2016 the clubs gained 14 new members from 4 countries, for a grand total of 553 members – unless someone else joins between now and New Year’s Day.

Woman and Man of The Year:
In January we will announce the hair clubs’ 2017 Woman and Man of the Year!  (Meanwhile, you can still read about the 2016 Woman and Man of the Year.)

Nominate a Member:
Do you believe that you or someone you know qualifies to be in The Luxuriant Flowing (or Former, or Facial) Hair Club for Scientists? Or is there someone who deserves to be an Historical Honorary member?

BONUS:Mutations in Three Genes Encoding Proteins Involved in Hair Shaft Formation Cause Uncombable Hair Syndrome” (The American Journal of Human Genetics. December, 2016). This condition is also known as, “cheveux incoiffables” and as “pili trianguli et canaliculi”.

** The one exception to 2016 members appearing first in the Improbable Blog is Andreas Carlson, who was offered membership during the March 2016 Ig Tour of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, & the UK. In November 2016 he confirmed that he wanted membership in The Luxuriant Former Hair Club for Scientists.