Bicycle Taxidermy

The Bicycle Taxidermy blog documents taxidermy’d bicycle remains:

Crafted in London; the taxidermy service mounts a client’s steed on a scorched or bleached European oak plaque made by Mick, a local joiner. Chrome mounting brackets fix the stem above a stainless steel epitaph etched in Argyll, Scotland, the plaque denotes the horned beasts model, pet name, dates ridden and a commemorative verse. Just fill in the epitaph field on the site and I’ll get it engraved and send out the plaque for you to mount yourself.

Here is one of the many trophies displayed there:

SPECIALIZED – DIAMONDBACK [1994-2012]. ‘The Highland beast, put out to pasture on London fields’:


Will Coldwell explored and explained the collection, for The Guardian.

[via Things Magazine]

BONUS: Video of a bicycle / ice-skate hybrid: