Tea & coffee diet: Theory of everything

To gain quick fame as a biomedical seer, explain how a person can grow slim (or fat) by drinking coffee (or tea).

This newly published study gives you fodder for devising your Theory of Everything. Good luck!

Molecular mechanisms of the anti-obesity effect of bioactive compounds in tea and coffee,” by Min-Hsiung Pan, Yen-Chen Tung, Guliang Yang, Shiming Li and Chi-Tang HoFood and Function, epub October 10, 2016. The authors explain:

“Obesity is a serious health problem in adults and children worldwide. [Many] researchers have sought to identify bioactive components in food. Tea and coffee are the most frequently consumed beverages in the whole world…. Although the anti-obesity mechanism of tea and coffee still needs further clarification, they may have potential as a new strategy to prevent or treat obesity.”

The study includes this helpful diagram:


BONUS: Here’s video of the song “The Coffee Diet”: