Coming attraction: Disgust: The Fluid Dynamics of the Gross

Fluid dynamics will swirl, both socially and scientifically, in Portland, Oregon, in November. The annual meeting of the American Physical Society (APS) Division of Fluid Dynamics will feature a disgust-packed, juicy special session:

starrynightSession L1: Focus Session – Disgust: The Fluid Dynamics of the Gross
Monday, November 21, 2016, 4:30PM

L1.00001: A numerical investigation of a simplified human birth model
Roseanna Gossmann , Alexa Baumer , Lisa Fauci , Megan C. Leftwich

L1.00002: An experimental study of human birth models
Alexa Baumer , Roseanna Gossmann , Lisa J Fauci , Megan C. Leftwich

L1.00003: Urethral anatomy and semen flow during ejaculation
Diane Kelly

L1.00004: Sperm navigation in complex environments
Sarah Olson

L1.00005: On the need for a biomimetic breast device
Nicole Danos , Rebecca German

L1.00006: Flow and active mixing have a strong impact on bacterial growth dynamics in the proximal large intestine
Jonas Cremer , Igor Segota , Chih-­yu Yang , Markus Arnoldini , Alex Groisman , Terence Hwa

L1.00007: Sticky Saliva
Louise McCarroll , Michael Solomon , William Schultz

L1.00008: Cat tongue Velcro
Alexis Noel , Andrea Martinez , Hyewon Jung , Ting-Wen Tsai , [Ig Nobel Prize winner] David Hu

L1.00009: Self-mixing of fly larvae during feeding
Olga Shishkov , Christopher Johnson , Bryan Zhang , [Ig Nobel Prize winner] David Hu

PL1.00010: Boys who pee the farthest have a large hollow head, a thin skin, and medium-size manhood
Daniel Attinger , Vincent Lee

The conference web site has juicy abstracts of each of these sessions.

Thanks to Nicole Sharp for bringing this to our attention. Sharp will herself be presenting at two other, equally juicy sessions:

Session L27: Non-Newtonian Flows: Applications
4:30 PM–6:27 PM, Monday, November 21, 2016
Abstract: L27.00008 : In a sea of sticky molasses: The physics of the Boston Molasses Flood

Session D9: Fluid Dynamics – Education, Outreach, and Diversity I
2:57 PM–4:28 PM, Sunday, November 20, 2016
Abstract: D9.00003 : F*** Yeah Fluid Dynamics: Inside the science communication process