Spin, twin, min, fin, free will, and all that…

John Conway writes the words SPIN, TWIN, MIN and FIN on a blackboard. Watch him do it, if you will (so to speak), in this video:

He then goes on to lecture for an hour (more or less) about his study:

The Strong Free Will Theorem,” John H. Conway and Simon Kochen, Notices of the AMS [American Mathematical Society], Volume 56, Number 2, February 2009.

What does this mean, you are (or are not) free to wonder. You are not alone. Others have decided, in some fashion, to try to clarify the situation for you. See the study:

What Does the Free Will Theorem Actually Prove?” Sheldon Goldstein, Daniel V. Tausk, Roderich Tumulka, and Nino Zanghì,” Notices of the AMS [American Mathematical Society], Volume 57, Number 11, December, 2010.

BONUS: Princeton University’s guide to the above video and some related videos, and to your larger adventure in free will exploration.