New uses for old CDs (part 1)

Got old CDs? Looking for uses for them? Have you thought about them in the context of ostrich entertainment? See: ‘How To Enrich the Largest Living Bird ‘ in the 2015 issue of The Ratite Review : The AZA Struthioniformes Taxon Advisory Group’s Annual Newsletter [note: 10 MB download] CD-use-01-Ostrich

“Captive Ostrich enjoy various forms of enrichment. They are very curious and enjoy pecking at shiny items. Mobiles can be made up of old CD’s. Hanging colorful hard plastics, such as baby toys in their inside stalls or metal objects that make lots of noise like a cow bell, are easy for keepers to gather up and use. Be aware that ostrich may ingest any object that they can swallow. Enrichment items need to be large enough to prevent this and closely monitored for signs of breakage. As with most birds Ostrich enjoy a good shower. A nice fine mist starting from their feet and working up will result in a soaked happy bird in no time.”

Coming soon: New uses for old CDs (part 2)

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