Questions about Jerry’s Maggot

The questions precede the text. The questions, presented on Ms. Barker’s Science Wiki, are:

Read the attached article titled, Jerry’s Maggot. On a separate sheet of paper respond to the following questions, using complete sentences, based on your knowledge of biology and your personal opinion.

1. What is Jerry’s “problem” and how did he get his “problem”?

2. Describe the life cycle of Jerry’s problem?

3. What was your reaction to how Jerry solved his problem? Would you have done the same thing? If not which option would you have selected?

4. In a food chain what is the relationship between Jerry and his “problem”?

With those in mind, read, if you will, JERRY’S MAGGOT (from Tropical Nature pp.153-157) edited.

(Thanks to investigator Cheryl Ballard for bringing this to our attention.)

BONUS: Jerry is Jerry Coyne (pictured here). The problem alluded to above involved Jerry’s head. And a maggot.