Dramatic Improbable Readings tonight at Arisia

ARISIA logoTonight at Arisia, in Boston, luminaries (of various wattage) will each do brief dramatic readings from seemingly absurd, genuine research studies and patents. Some of those studies and patents have won Ig Nobel Prizes. All of them make people laugh, then think.

The dramatic readers will also take questions from the audience — despite and because they have no previous knowledge of the studies they will be reading. Marc Abrahams, father and emcee of the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, will attempt to keep some small degree of structure.

This is the fourth (or maybe fifth) year we have done a Dramatic Improbable Readings event at Arisia.

It happens at 9:30 pm, at Arisia, in the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel, 425 Summer Street, Boston. The event will be televised live to the entire Arisia con.