“Dear Abbe” (Microscopy Today)

Herr-AbbeThe Microscopy Society of America provides (via its journal Microscopy Today) a platform for microscopists to ask pertinent questions – and have them answered by their columnist Herr Abbe. [pictured left]

“We are at our wit’s end! We are still using film and making wet prints in our EM [Electro-Microscopy] lab. We’re not happy with the situation […]”

“Quit your whining! You may at least be reassured that the journey to your wit’s end was only half as long as for most people. […]”

You can send your microscopy-related questions to Herr Abbe’s faithful assistant, professor John Shields of the Center for Ultrastructural Research at Franklin College, University of Georgia, US.

Note:Dear Abbe‘ should not be confused with ‘Dear Abbé‘ of the American Musicological Society, publishing in the journal Musicology Today.