Raven: Lunatic

In 1929, Alice Raven wrote a distinctive essay about lunatics:

Murder and Suicide as Marks of an Abnormal Mind,” Alice Raven, The Sociological Review, vol. a21, no. 4, October 1929, pp. 315–333. The article is prefaced by a warning from the editor. The author then begins by saying: “One of the most disturbing features of social life at the present day is the outcrop of murders and suicides which appear as an excrescence on current civilization.”


Raven was oft quothed. She wrote extensively on the general subject. Among her other publications:

A Contribution Towards a Psychological Conception of Insanity and Its Relation to Crime,” Alice Raven, The Sociological Review, vol. a20, no. 4, 1928, pp. 274-292.