The Economic Times interview with Ig Nobel winner Raghu Rau

“If you are someone who is in the field, then the paper doesn’t sound funny.” The Economic Times interviews 2015 Ig Nobel Economics Prize winner Raghavendra Rau. Here’s the introduction (click on the link, to read the entire interview):

Meet Cambridge economist Raghavendra Rau: The Ig Nobel Prize winner

rauLast month at Harvard University, the 25th Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony took place. Ig Nobel is a light-hearted award for work in science that unearths something yet is quirky. In the management category, Raghavendra Rau, Gennaro Bernile and Vineet Bhagwat won for their paper on the theory that children who have experienced natural disasters, though are not affected by them, become business leaders who take risks. Rau and Bernile attended the ceremony and accepted the Ig Nobel. ETPanache spoke on the phone and email with Rau, a self-confessed nerd and professor of finance at the Cambridge Judge Business School.