A Model of Motion Sickness

Takahiro Wada, Normia Kamiji, and Shunichi Doi of Ritsumeikan University recently examined an application of a model of motion sickness incidence (MSI) (which Wada, Kamiji, and others developed in a 2007 paper) to vehicle passengers. They generalized earlier work by including more types of motion — especially head rotation — and they used the model to examine the effect of head-tilt strategy on motion sickness:

Thus, the effect of the head tilt strategy on motion sickness was investigated by the proposed mathematical model. The head movements of drivers and passengers were measured in slalom driving. Then, the MSI of the drivers and that of the passengers predicted by the proposed model were compared.

The model (developed by Kamiji et al. in 2007) of motion sickness used by Wada et al. in their recent paper.

Bonus: Motion sickness is often a Rotating Hell (not to be confused with Rotating HeII).