Bicycling (side-swapped, or upside-down) on the brain

This experimental attempt to ride a left-right-swapped bicycle raises a big fat question about how the human brain works. Destin, he of the Smarter Every Day video series, tells and shows what he did, and why he did it, and wonders about what it means:

Is it the same big, fat question raised by the Erismann-Koehler flip-the-world-upside-down bicycle (and other things) experiment more than half a century ago? The question is a good one — no scientist has much of an answer for it, beyond remarking (sagely, while stroking the chin), “Oh, yes. It’s well known that the brain does that.”

Here’s video of the Erismann-Koehler experiment:

(Thanks to investigator Elias Friedman for bringing this to our attention.)