“Morning People” Are More Punctual in the Morning, Sometimes

Do “night owls” arrive late to evening events less often than “habitual early risers” do? That has has yet to be tested.

A seemingly opposite question drives a new study — that tested who is punctual for morning events and who is not:

Morningness as a Personality Predictor of Punctuality,” Laura Werner, Jennifer Geisler, Christoph Randler, Current Psychology, March 2015, Volume 34, Issue 1, pp 130-139. The authors, at the University of Education, Heidelberg, Germany, explain:

“Punctuality depends on situational factors but seems also a personality trait. Here, we assessed arrival time at a university course (behavioural measure) and punctuality with a self-report measure in relation to morningness-eveningness. We observed arrivals of students in their courses during the first lessons (starting at 8:15). 267 students (43 men, 222 women, 2 not specified) with a mean age of 22.76 ± 3.89 years participated in this study…. Morning oriented and conscientious students scored higher on punctuality.”

BPS Research Digest has a short essay about this new study.