Country Music singers’ chins and general hard times

Professor Terry Frank Pettijohn II, of Coastal Carolina University, is the lead author of a new study which investigates the ‘Chin Area’ (and other facial features such as ‘Eye Width’) of US country Music singers between 1946 and 2010 – and examines possible correlations with an index of economic and social conditions called the General Hard Times Measure (GHTM).Country-Music-Chins

“When conditions were relatively poor, country music artists with more mature facial features of smaller eyes and larger chins were popular, and when conditions were more prosperous, country music artists with more baby-faced features of larger eyes and smaller chins were popular.”

See: ‘Facial Feature Assessment of Popular U.S. Country Music Singers Across Social and Economic Conditions’ by: Terry F. Pettijohn II, Jamie N. Glass, Carly A. Bordino, and Jason T. Eastman, in: Current Psychology, December 2014, Volume 33, Issue 4, pp 451-459

Note: The paper costs $39.95 (for non-subscribers) to read, but a handout by the same authors (a poster presented at the 25th Annual Association for Psychological Science Convention) is available here, free of charge.

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