Zingg Zings Carping Reviewers (1941)

You must — must! or at least maybe should — read Zingg‘s zing at some of his fellow anthropologists, from way back in 1941:

Our Carping Reviewers,” Robert M. Zingg, American Anthropologist, vol. 43, no. 3, 1941, pp. 490-491. Zing begins by saying:

“I must add my voice of protest to that of Loeb and Mead against a petty and
carping tone in book reviews in the American Anthropologist. The recent review
of my The Huichols: Primitive Artists calls this forth, after an unprotested review in
the same tone from the same reviewer of a previous work with Dr W. C. Bennett.
From the previous review of a report of nine months’ field work among a tribe very
difficult to study, the following excerpts appear to illustrate a petty carping…”

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