mini-AIR November issue: Morphospace (and D’Arcy Thompson)

The November issue of mini-AIR (our monthly e-mail newsletter just went out. (mini-AIR is a wee little supplement to the magazine). Topics include:

  • D’Arcy Thompson in Empirical Morphospace
  • The Phytophagous Scarab Chafers Morphospace Limerick Competition
  • Pie’s Null Morphospace
  • and more
It also has info about upcoming events.

Mel [pictured here] says, “It’s swell.”

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BONUS: Video of the D’Arcy Thompson Animal Parade, which began the 2011 Ig Nobel show (for National Science Week) at the University of Dundee. D’Arcy Thompson was based, for much of his spectacular scientific/literary career, at Dundee. These taxidermied critters, carried into the theatre by three Ig Nobel Prize winners, and by two of Dundee’s most illustrious modern scientists, and by one of Scotland’s most dynamic historians, are in the museum collection Thompson built at the university:

BONUS: Medusan morphospace