Lots of data and info about paper airplanes, and lots of planes

Lots of data and info about paper airplanes, from Papierfliegerei:

PaperPlaneExcelFrom flight tests and experiments, a lot can be gained qualitative statements about paper airplanes. Paper airplanes cost so much, because empiricism is certainly a possible solution. But you can also calculate pretty good paper airplane. The Excel table on the right is intended to provide a little insight you there. If you are interested, on which formulas are based the results of the table and how they are derived, can you in my book read.

use this Excel table, the simple paper airplane can be quite accurately. In the upper part of the table the necessary inputs for the calculation to be made.

The paper airplane enthusiast behind the site built, and in this video demonstrates, a machine for making and launching a fleet of paper airplanes:

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