What happened at the book launch of Too [video]

WGBH Forum produced this video of US launch of my new book This Is Improbable Too. The launch happened Friday, September 5, at Harvard Bookstore in Cambridge. I and several members of the Ig Nobel gang  — Robin AbrahamsMelissa FranklinCorky White, and Gus Rancatore — did brief dramatic readings from studies I wrote about in the book.

You can get This Is Improbable Too from Harvard Bookstore, as well as most other good bookstores, and also from Amazon and the other mysterious online booksellers.

The book has gotten nice reviews in USA Today,  Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, I and it have been bobbing around radio land, on The Bob Edwards Show, Radio Boston, The Marilu Henner Show, and others. More is on the way, including a journey to the fabled radio land of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Star Talk Radio.

The review I’m proudest of is the one in England’s Daily Mail, which said the book is “almost dementedly inconsequential.”


BONUS: My other new book (done together with Corky and Gus): The Ig Nobel Cookbook (volume 1), which also is available at Harvard Bookstore.