This year’s 24/7 Lecturers

Here’s the lineup of 24/7 Lecturers at this year’s Ig Nobel Prize ceremony. You’ll see them Thursday evening, September 18, if you come to the ceremony at Harvard’s Sanders Theatre, or if you watch the live webcast.

What, you ask, are the 24/7 Lectures?

This:  several of the world’s top thinkers each explains her or his subject twice:
FIRST : a complete technical description in TWENTY-FOUR (24) SECONDS**
AND THEN: a clear summary that anyone can understand, in SEVEN (7) WORDS

This year’s 24/7 Lecturers:

  • Martin Chalfie (Nobel laureate, chemistry): BIOLUMINESCENCE
  • Carol Greider (Nobel laureate, physiology or medicine). Topic: TELOMERES
  • Eric Maskin (Nobel laureate, economics): INCOME INEQUALITY
  • Rob Rhinehart (founder, Soylent). Topic: METABOLISM
  • Corky White (Professor of Anthropology, Boston University). Topic: FOOD

The history of the 24/7 Lectures is full of surprising people and ideas you may know, and others you might like to get to know.

** Time limits will be enforced by the the referee, Mr. John Barrett

Here’s video of three 24/7 Lecture from the past — Eric Lander (GENOME), Dany Adams (BIOLOGY), and Benoit Mandelbrot (FRACTALS):