Ig Nobel bellybutton-lint pioneer previews this year’s ceremony

A past Ig Nobel Prize winner gives his personal preview of next week’s Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, in an interview with NineMSN:

Look down at your bellybutton – discreetly, if you’re at work. Is there fluff or lint inside it? Yes? There’s a very strong chance that it’s blue.

The reasons for this only became clear when Australian scientist, author and broadcaster Dr Karl Kruszelnicki conducted research into it in 2007.

“Bellybutton fluff was made of the fibres of clothing held together with dead skin cells. The average colour of clothing that we wear in western society is blue. If you go to the trouble of wearing red clothing with red underwear, you’ll have red belly button fluff,” Dr Karl told ninemsn.

These findings won Dr Karl an Ig Nobel prize, and next week the winners of the 2014 Ig Nobels will be announced.

The quirky cousin of the Nobel prizes, the awards are given to research that “makes you laugh, then makes you think”, and the ceremonies are light-hearted affairs.

“They flew me to Harvard to accept the award at my own expense, because they wouldn’t want to insult me with money,” Dr Karl said….