Hairline Design with Lasers

“Hairline design is a combination of science and art.” say hair transplant practitioners at the DHT Clinic (Bangkok, Thailand) prompting them to invent a new technique which they call ‘Hairline Design Laser‘. (A phrase they like to use: “LASER assisted rapid hairline design”.)

Laser_HailrlineHairline placement is important. It frames the face and has the most impact on a patient’s appearance. Instead of a monotonous universal bell shape, the hairline should be designed to match the individual’s facial contour for the best aesthetic result.”

Hair_Xplant_HistoryAlso see: regarding the history of hair transplantation, the pioneering work of Dr. Hajime Tamura (1897 – 1997) who, it’s said, “performed many hair transplant procedures when he was Professor of Urology at Tokyo Women’s Medical University. It was reported that 127 cases in 1937 failed but 136 cases after 1939 showed good results.”