Ig Nobel Night in Groningen, The Netherlands

ChrisMcManusIgNobelprizeWinner_150_edited-2logo_IgNobel_Night_Groningen_250The ‘Nacht van Kunst & Wetenschap’ (Saturday, May 24, 2014) in Groningen, the Netherlands, will host an official Ig Nobel Night — with talks by four Ig Nobel Prize winners, and also a 24/7 Lecture competition.

In four 20-minute sessions, Kees Moeliker (European Bureau Chief of the Annals of Improbable Research) will briefly tell about the history and impact of the Ig Nobel Prize, and he will introduce winners Chris McManus (pictured here), Pek van Andel and Bart Knols. They will each lecture about how and why they won their prize. Then scientist from Groningen University will present their field of research, giving (1) a clear description in 24 seconds, followed by (2) a summary of seven words that anyone can understands. These so-called 24/7 Lectures are a long running tradition at the annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony.

The line-up of Ig winners and 24/7 Lecturers is:

21:30 – 21:50h – Chris McManus; 24/7 Lectures: Wander Lowie & Kees Hummelen

22:00 – 22:20h – Pek van Andel; 24/7 Lectures: Janniko Georgiadis & Berend van de Kolk

23:40 – 00:00h – Bart Knols; 24/7 Battle: Christiaan Zuidema & Ellen van der Werf

00:10 – 00:30h – Chris McManus; 24/7 Battle: Marcel Broersma & Linda Steg (Ig-winners Bart Knols and Pek van Andel might perform again)

When: Saturday, May 24, 2014
Location: Der Aa Kerk, Akerkhof 2, Groningen, the Netherlands.
Tickets (for the entire Nacht van Kunst en Wetenschap): here.

UPDATE (May 24): This photo shows three of the Ig Nobel Prize winners, gathered for this event (the fourth, Pek van Andel, lives in Groningen and is mysteriously not in this photo):