Got a problem? Want one? (Specifically, a physics problem)

If you are one of the rare people who have no problems and who also, for whatever reason, want one, here’s a list to choose from. You can find details, and even solutions, at David Morin [pictured here]’s Problem-of-the-Week list on the Harvard physics department web site. There are 90 problems there. Among them:

morinLeaving the hemisphere, Tower of cylinders, Standing in a line, Rainbows, Nine divisible by 9, Propelling a car, Crawling ant, Hanging chain, Painting a funnel, Compton scattering, Tower of circles, Bowl of spaghetti, Attracting bugs, Leftover dental floss, Falling rope, Cereal box prizes, Getting way ahead, The hotel problem, Sliding ladder, The birthday problem, Sliding along a plane, Speedy travel, Viewing the spokes, Counterfeit coin, Simultaneous claps, Relativistic cookies, Trading envelopes, Ball on turntable, Letters in envelopes, Break or not break?, Mountain climber, The raindrop, Passing the spaghetti, Balancing a pencil.

David Morin also has some books.

(Thanks to Michael Warrington for indirectly and intriguingly bringing this to our attention.)