The curious true tale of the the Swedish prime minister, a Soviet submarine, and farting herring

Professor Magnus Whalberg took part, many years ago, in an odd historic passage that involved the Swedish prime minister (Carl Bildt), a Soviet submarine, and farting herring. Years after the event, in 2004, Whalberg and his colleague Håkan Westerberg were awarded an Ig Nobel Prize — though the Ig Nobel Board of Governors was at the time completely unaware of the part of the story involving the prime minister and the submarine (the prize was awarded purely for the herring research, and was shared with a Canadian/Scottish research group that had independently, and with very different motivation, performed similar herring research).

This video shows Professor Whalberg’s TEDx Gothenberg Talk in 2012, in which he tells all (or at least much). It includes a snippet of film that Whalberg and Westerberg originally made, under great secrecy, for the Swedish military: