MYSTERY: Big body through a little hole?

Some folks love a real-life forensic mystery, of which this is one:

A matter of large body passing through a small hole: The holeproof out the window,” F. Patel, Forensic Science International, Volume 56, Issue 2, October 1992, Pages 183–188. The author, at the Department of Forensic Medicine, UMDS Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals, University of London, explains:

“A baffling case of fall-from-height is described focusing on aspects of a human body passing through a small hole, within a holeproof window. It is a classic example of an unsatisfactory outcome when a scene of death is modified adversely due to delay in the commencement of scene management. The operative factors may be entirely outside the control of scene investigators. The primary medical attendant is reminded of the forensic obligations at a scence of unnatural death. Reporting this case might encourage forensic practitioners having experience of a similar case to respond through this journal.”

Here is some detail from the report — a photo of the window with the hole in it: