The past and further adventures of Troy Hurtubise (of grizzly fame) (Part 3 of 3)

Ig Nobel Prize winner Troy Hurtubise explains in exquisite detail why and how he has spent 25 years building and testing a suit of armor to protect himself against grizzly bears. Vice presents a three-part interview with Troy. In the past two days we enjoyed part 1 and part 2.

Here’s part 3, about how Troy walked across part of the entire breadth of Canada whilst wearing his military-protective / developed-from-anti-grizzly-bear-technology suit. Troy explains how he presented his case to someone who is supposed to present it to the prime minister. Then Troy states the plain fact that if someone gives one million dollars, he will use it to develop “Iron Man, minus the flight capabilities”:


BONUS (from 2004): Troy and the Magnetic Blast Cushion

BONUS: Troy’s promotional video for his stealth suit, showing how it can be the difference in overcoming one or more persons of obviously bad intent: