Unlucky for some (new themed-graveyard patent)

“[…] a need exists for a new and unique cemetery theme that may allow the deceased some options when considering where and how to be buried.“ This need may be met by a newly issued US patent, granted to inventor David Montgomery, of California. His invention suggests that replica theme-parks (e.g. baseball stadium, golf course, automobile racetrack or a casino &etc) might be configured as a cemetery. Thus, while bearing in mind that : “The human race has always desired the best ways to respect and bury their dead.” the park can also provide :“[…] adequate income and revenue in the way of advertising for the operator.” Here is the drawing that depicts the ‘Casino’ configuration, which provides space for memorial engravings atop the replica slot machines.


Consider the new patent in full here

UPDATE (January 4, 2014): The inventor, David Montgomery, designs personalized memorials for a family of cemeteries, funeral homes and crematories with locations throughout the United States including: Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, Chapel of the Chimes Hayward, Chapel of the Chimes Oakland, Sunset Lawn Chapel of the Chimes Sacramento and Skylawn Funeral Home.


Also see : A somewhat related US patent application (from September 2012) which describes crematorial urns (for humans or pets) in the shape of sports articles – for example, soccer balls. This image is from the patent: