‘Know-It-All’s Security Quiz’

When it comes to issues of national security and the handling of sensitive data, are you a ‘Know-It-All’? If that’s the way you would choose to describe yourself, the Research & Sponsored Programs department of Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, US, has a publicly available online quiz, just for you (and anyone else who’s interested).

The ‘Know-It-All’s Security Quiz – is in four parts. See how much you really know about

Spy● Protecting Information

● Reporting Responsibilities

● Foreign Threats, and

● Technical Vulnerabilities

If that’s not enough, the university also has a very extensive security information portal where you can find out, for example, about :

Mailing and Carrying Classified Materials “For air travel, a locked briefcase may not serve as the outer wrapper.”

Bugging Hotel Rooms “If you are an active target who is known to pick up local women, you could also be filmed by a concealed camera.”, and :

“Cookies”  “Contrary to some popular rumor and myth, cookies do not damage your computer or your files in any way. They also do not make information on your computer more vulnerable to compromise.”

You can find all the relevant information, and more, here:

BONUS: Other places, too, have the Know-It-All’s Security Quiz‘. Can you detect who and where is the purported originator of the test?

BONUS: Look what can happen when you don’t pay attention: “Second spy loses laptop — ‘Blind drunk’ in London tapas bar

BONUS: An apparently deeply emotion-freighted possible candidate for theme song for the quiz, if ever the quizmasters choose to choose a theme song: