Science news in Tottenhamtranslation: Scientists will remain liquid

The news site supplies science news of a sort, translated, sort of, from Turkish into English. (Thanks to investigators John Bradley and Peaco Todd for bringing it to our attention.) Here are some highlights. We suggest you read them aloud, especially if you are in a public place:

  • Scientists discover massive lake of freshwater in Greenland: Scientists, despite sub-zero temperatures all year round, will remain liquid under the Greenland ice sheet have discovered a huge reservoir of fresh water. Effects of global warming, they may serve as a lead indicator, because they say it is important discoveries. The study is published online in the journal Nature Geoscience.
  • tott-logoScientists by sending a text message using alcohol: Well, this time the scientists by sending a text message using alcohol, vodka, made ??a hard thing to imagine. It really sounds unbelievable, is not it? Scientists in Canada and the UK , in fact, in the space of a few meters off the general sent a message . Researchers using alcohol where wireless communication is not possible to send text it opened its doors . This problem can be a remedy for effective working of electromagnetic waves . This molecular interaction by developing a range of applications using alcohol in the world is a step forward for scientists.
  • Study says If Women were eating nuts while pregnant cuts child allergy risk: Pregnant women questions about what is best for the baby is full. What a woman eats during pregnancy can affect the health of children outside the womb because it involves eating a lot of questions. An important source of dietary concerns have been linked to allergies in children growing number are peanuts and tree nuts. A new study published in Pediatrics JAMA during pregnancy safe for your child eats peanuts and tree nuts , but it may be useful not only suggests even.