The Higgs Boson and Roger Rabbit

Last night two of our editors were in the audience of a special event at the Coolidge Corner Cinema. Afterwards, one of them wrote (on Facebook) this appraisal:

franklinLast night, we went to a screening of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” The movie was preceded by a talk by Melissa Franklin, chair of the Harvard Physics department and one of the discoverers of the Higgs boson. Dr. Franklin talked for about 20 minutes on the physics of cartoons, and the role of cartooning in physics. She was as funny as a professional comedian.  She’s like Ellen Degeneres with an IQ of two thousand.

You just don’t GET that kind of entertainment in every city, folks.

Here’s a scene from the movie:

BONUS: Mark O’Donnell’s list, originally published in Esquire magazine, of “The Cartoon Laws of Physics“. In her talk, Professor Franklin lauded the robust subtleties of these laws.