A converter “which appeals to people’s habits for using the toilet”

Habit and hygeine are targeted together in this invention, which converts almost any standard sitting-type toilet to become a squatting-type toilet:

converter-patent-drawingNovel type externally arranged foldable squatting chair,” Chinese patent #201675851 U, published December 22, 2010. The patent document explains:

“The utility model discloses a novel type externally arranged foldable squatting chair modified from a sitting type closestool through an externally arranged device. The squatting chair comprises a foldable rack (2), a squatting pan (3), and a handrail device (1). The foldable rack (2) can be folded when not used as a flat panel device, the function of which is similar to that of a folded chair. The squatting chair of a U shaped structure of a C shaped structure is provided with anti-skidding devices (4) at both ends to prevent the feet of a toilet user from being hurt. The middle upper part of the rack (2) is provided with the handrail device (1) having a plurality of attached devices (5). Simple in structure, the foldable squatting chair of the utility model can effectively prevents the squatting pan from being contaminated by the excrements of a toilet user; the attached devices arranged on the handrail device also takes full advantage of the available space of the squatting chair, which appeals to people’s habits for using the toilet.”

The device is being manufactured, and is now offered for sale under the brand name “Sandun-Evaco Toilet Converter”, with the sales slogan “The Best Toilet Converter in The World Today!” Here are photos:



The Sandun-Evaco Toilet Converter web site asks “Have a Fascinating Personal Experience or Story about Squatting?” If you are reading this blog item whilst squatting on a toilet, or sitting on a toilet whilst contemplating squatting, consider telling the fascinating personal details to the Sandun-Evaco Toilet Converter data gatherers.

(Thanks to investigator Erwin Kompanje for bringing this to our attention.)

BONUS: Testimonials poured in. Among them, this comment that “It takes a little while to get used to and get the hang of it. But overall, there is nothing like it.”: