Progress in Head Mounted Flying Animal Feeders


Some of our readers will no doubt recognise (in the drawing above) David M. Leslie’s 1999 patent for a Wearable device for feeding and observing birds and other flying animals. The invention provided, perhaps for the first time, assistance for “Persons with a sincere and deep-rooted interest in birds” who “… often share an urge to be as close to the birds as possible when observing them.” A person wearing the patented hat could “… observe them from a relatively short distance, for example, of about 6-18 inches.”

Impressive though the Leslie hat was, some feel that improvements can still be made in the head mounted flying animal feeder arena. For recent advances, see the work of Theodore D. Hensley – granted a newly issued US patent (Sept. 24, 2013)  – which, according to the inventor, is less cumbersome, and more comfortable “… to don”.

“The feeder apparatus comprises a tube having a consumable fluid, a feeding nozzle, and a perch. The feeder further comprises an extended arm providing a spring clamp which attaches to the hat brim. The feeder is positioned in front of the wearer’s face, thereby allowing for close observation of the hummingbird while it feeds. Additionally, the brim clip is designed in the shape of a mouth piece allowing a user to anchor the feeder in his/her mouth. “


Click the image or this link to see the User-mounted hummingbird feeder