The tragedy of impulsive frotteurism

Another medical report about rubbing people the wrong way:

Impulsive frotteurism: A case report,” Ambika Prasad Patra, Balaji Bharadwaj, Kusa Kumar Shaha, Siddhartha Das, Anand P. Rayamane, and Chandra Sekhara Tripathi,  Medicine, Science and the Law, October 2013, vol. 53, no. 4, pp.  235-238. The authors, at Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Research, BGS Global Institute of Medical Sciences, and M.K.C.G. Medical College & Hospital, India, explain:

Frotteurism is a perverted sexual behaviour wherein the person tends to rub or bring about physical contact between his genitals and an unrelated female or male to derive sexual pleasure. Moreover, frotteurism is a common phenomenon among the general population which usually goes unnoticed or overlooked. Nevertheless, public frottage has legal implications in almost all countries over the world…. This paper describes a 12-year-old boy having unrestrained impulsive frotteurism… Concurrent psychiatric counseling and rehabilitation measures were taken too. There was complete remission of the symptoms 6 months after the onset of treatment and without relapse thereafter. The paper discusses the differential diagnosis and management of hypersexual behaviour.”

(Thanks to investigator Erwin Kompanje for bringing this to our attention.)