Quasi-ancient tributes to DNA

Here’s quasi-ancient, grainy, degraded video from the 1995 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony. The theme that year was DNA. Behold tributes to DNA, first from young Kate Eppers; then from Nobel Laureates Rich Roberts, Dudley Herschbach, Joseph Murray, Sheldon Glashow, and William Lipscomb reading a poem by Stanley Eigen (“DNA and Green Eggs and Ham”)…

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BONUS: Accounts of that ceremony, from Scientific Americanfrom the American Physical Society (APS), from 1995 Ig Nobel Nutrition Prize winner John Martinez, from New Scientist.

BONUS: Shelly Glashow’s subsequent letter about the DNA Cologne sample that he received at the ceremony

BONUS: A leap into what was then the far future: The Guardian‘s Will Woodward visited the 2004 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony