On realizing you’re wrong: Buzz about bees

Scicurious wrote a nice essay, a while back, about realizing you’ve been wrong:

So I posted something the other day on bees and cell phones. The science in the paper itself wasn’t convincing to me, but the other references they pulled out in the discussion made me pull an about face. I thought, hey, maybe the electromagnetic field potentials from the cell phones ARE contributing to colony collapse disorder.

And thus I wrote my post.

And then came the morning, and Jonathan, on Twitter, who pointed out I was wrong (Credit to him and all the people at Ars Technica, for not only doing good writing, but for including links to papers at the end!!! WOO!!). And I looked, and asked, and then asked around.


I hate being wrong. I feel really dumb, and I feel like I’ve let you all down (all two of you who read the blog). I’m sorry, you guys. :(

SO. Like the good little scientist, I am going to revise my hypothesis. We’re going to cover this paper again, with MOAR references, and MOAR research. And I’m going to get it RIGHT. Or as right as I can under the circumstances.

Favre, D. “Mobile phone-induced honeybee worker piping” Apidologie, 2011….