“Bone: The Man Behind the Lloyds Bank Turd” [video]

If you watch only one video today about the man behind the Lloyds Bank Turd, we suggest you watch this video called “Bone: The Man Behind the Lloyds Bank Turd“:


The video centers, obsessively, on the work of archaeologist Andrew “Bone” Jones of the University of York, an institution still known (but now erroneously) to some as York University.  (Thanks to Frank Wilczek for bringing this to our attention.) Dr. Jones also explores food.

BONUS (somewhat related): Boys Will Be Boys

BONUS (possibly unrelated): The 1992 Ig Nobel Prize for economics was awarded to the investors of Lloyds of London, heirs to 300 years of dull prudent management, for their bold attempt to insure disaster by refusing to pay for their company’s losses.