Chin Up, Testicularly

Body parts can be rearranged and/or augmented, in some cases. Here is such a case:

fernandouyrTesticular Augmentation Using Chin Implants,” Fernando Ugarte y Romano [pictured here] and Adolfo González Serrano, Journal of Sexual Medicine, epub October 22, 2012. The authors, at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México, México, report:

Aim. To describe an unprecedented testicular augmentation surgical technique that is specially focused on preserving testicular function and providing a favorable esthetic outcome.
Methods. We present a case of a 45-year-old man with body dysmorphic disorder. Surgical treatment using a new technique by placing a chin implant on the testicle was offered and accepted.
Results. Good symmetry between both testicles was achieved. No complications were reported….
Conclusions. This technique is unprecedented in literature…”

Here is detail from the study:


(Thanks to investigator Holly Brothers for bringing this to our attention.)

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