How to deal with bad drivers (by W.C. Fields)

W.C. Fields developed a method to deal with bad drivers. He filmed this dramatization of it (presented here in two parts):

UPDATE: Those videos have been removed from YouTube. We do not know why. Here’s a description of what you would have seen. This is from an essay by Roger Fristoe, on the Turner Classic Movies web site:

“An episodic film with eight sequences united by a common plot device, If I Had a Million (1932) provided an elaborate showcase for some of Paramount’s top acting talent including … rising comic star W.C. Fields…. The unifying plot element, in which a dying multimillionaire randomly picks a series of strangers to receive $1 million each, would provide the basis for the popular radio and television series The Millionaire….

“The Fields episode, frequently cited as the favorite of the film’s fans, casts the comic as Rollo La Rue, a down-and-out vaudeville juggler ­ recalling Fields’ own past as a juggling headliner. When Rollo’s wife (Alison Skipworth) receives the $1 million check, the couple sets out on a mission to avenge the wrecking of their prized automobile by “roadhogs.” They spend the money for a convoy of new cars and a group of tough chauffeurs, and then take to the streets in search of rude drivers ­ whose vehicles they destroy by ramming into them! This was one of a series of Fields films in which his personal obsessions were incorporated into the script. In real life, he had a passion for automobiles and a loathing for other drivers ­ especially those who inconvenienced him.”

Someone has put a tiny portion of that episode onto YouTube. Here it is: