How to be a pest in a museum

Emma_s_staff_profile_pictureEmma-Louise Nicholls [pictured here] explains, on the University College London Museums and Exhibitions blog, how to be a pest. Her essay begins:

How to: Be a Good Museum Pest

There are two types of creepy crawlies that you get in museums; ones that don’t eat specimens (i.e. creepy crawlies that fair poorly at being museum pests) and ones that do eat specimens (these typically do well at being pests).  First, you need to decide which you are. If the thought of eating dried cartilage, wooden drawers, paper labels, certain glues, feathers, or fur turns you off… go away, you’re a rubbish pest. go away, you’re a rubbish pest. However if the opportunity to chow down on the internal remnants of an animal skull makes you salivate, then continue reading my friend, this how to guide is for you….

(Thanks to Sara Everts for bringing this to our attention.)

BONUS: Sally Shelton’s treatise “Integrated Pest Management of Manifestations as Infestations