Foghorn Requiem in the North Sea, on June 22

“The mournful sound of a foghorn is a product of the landscape through which it travels, but up close the foghorn is probably the loudest, most exciting sound you will ever hear.“

If you happen to be near Tyneside, in the NorthEast of England on June 22nd at around 12.30, you have a chance to hear the mournful, yet exciting sound of the Souter Lighthouse Foghorn – possibly for the last time accompanied by 75 musicians playing a work by composer Orlando Gough. And backed up by the horns, hooters and sirens of (at least) 50 ships moored offshore.

The event is free. Full details here.


[1] “The event is weather dependent.”

[2] Composer Orlando Gough also composed the music for the recent Queen’s Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant. Sadly the Royal Barge ‘Gloriana’ crashed into a bridge yesterday – in good relatively good weather. [H.T. M.K.]