Brainwaves that have already happened in the future

Criminals beware! Reporters take notice! Today, Saturday, June 8, 2013, you can read a report — apparently from the future — that says: “In August, 2013, Government Works launched a program to commercialize Brain Fingerprinting and make this new technology available worldwide.”

farwellThat report appears on the web site of Dr. Lawrence Farwell. The complete paragraph there says:

Dr. Farwell is the founder of Brainwave Science, LLC and Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories, Inc., where he is Chairman and Chief Scientist. Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories and Brainwave Science have recently entered a strategic partnership with Government Works, Inc., a federal contractor in Boston, Massachusetts. In August, 2013, Government Works launched a program to commercialize Brain Fingerprinting and make this new technology available worldwide.

Government Works, Inc. is a company based in Southborough, Massachusetts, USA. The company’s web site explains: “the science behind Brain Fingerprinting technology has been reported on and touted in major print and broadcast media”. The web site explains that the technology has been the subject of numerous articles in scientific journals. It lists those papers, all of which were written or co-written by Dr. Farwell.

Dr. Farwell’s own web site has lots to say about Dr. Farwell [pictured here, in an image that originates on his web site], including this:

  • Harvard graduate and former Harvard Medical School research associate
  • Inventor of Brain Fingerprinting
  • Selected by TIME magazine to the TIME 100: The Next Wave, the top innovators who may be “the Picassos or Einsteins of the 21st Century.”

A report dated Saturday, June 8, 2013, in The Sunday Herald Sun newspaper, in Australia, speaks of the relative value of this technology:

Brain fingerprinting, which measures a suspect’s responses to triggers related to the crime, has been used in America for over a decade…. Detective Sen-Sgt Ron Iddles of the [Victoria, Australia, Police] Homicide Squad said he believed brain fingerprinting would have value as an investigative tool…. He said it was regarded as more reliable than lie-detector testing

(HT Mo Costandi for news of the Australian news)

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