“Known to cause” Claim of the Month: sleepy sexual perception

Brain research takes many forms. Here is one such form, announced in a May 30, 2013 press release from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine:

Sleep deprived men over perceive women’s sexual interest and intent
Due in part to frontal lobe impairment, sleep deprivation negatively influences cognitive variables that play a role in sexual decision-making

…According to the authors, sleep deprivation is known to cause frontal lobe impairment, which has a negative effect on decision-making variables such as risk-taking sensitivity, moral reasoning and inhibition…. “Our findings here are similar to those from studies using alcohol, which similarly inhibits the frontal lobe,” said co-principal investigator Jennifer Peszka, PhD….

That seems to include the entirety of the study’s info about the brain.

The study consisted of having 60 students answer survey questions, before and after one night of sleep deprivation, including this one: “When a woman goes out to a bar, how likely is it that she is interested in finding someone to have sex with that night?”