What Does or Doesn’t Suffocate You Might Make You Slim

Dieting takes a new turn in this study:

stec_davidChronic carbon monoxide treatment attenuates development of obesity and remodels adipocytes in mice fed a high fat diet,” P A Hosick, A A AlAmodi, M V Storm, M U Gousset, B E Pruett, W Gray III, J Stout and D E Stec [pictured here], International Journal of Obesity, epub April 30, 2013. The authors, at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, explain:

“In this study, we determined the effect of chronic low level administration of a specific CO [carbon monoxide] donor on the progression of obesity and its effects on metabolism and adipocyte biology in mice fed a high fat diet.”

(Thanks to investigator Ivan Oransky for bringing this to our attention.)