Ig Nobel at The University of Geneva (and webcast) tonight!


Tonight we’re doing a big Ig Nobel show at the University of Geneva. [Preview in Le Temps] Please join us:

Tuesday, May 7, 6:30 pm
, Geneva time.  [TWITTER: #IgNobelGVA]
Uni Dufour, Rue Général-Dufour 24.
Show en anglais, sans interprétation.

Admission is FREE.
And the event will be webcast live (6:30 pm Geneva time / 12:30 pm US east coast time), at http://www.unige.ch/presse/static/video/2013/ig_nobel.html

The University of Geneva show be hosted by Marc AbrahamsThe show features genuine Ig Nobel Prize winners, who will explain, as best they can, what they did and why they did it:

The show also features songs from Ig Nobel operas, performed by:

The show is co-sponsored by CERN and the University of Geneva. [NOTE: Last week, Marc and Maria and Alice all took part in TEDxCERN. Now Stephan and Steffen and Bart and Kees are all joining them for this big event at U Geneva.]

BONUS: A report afterwards in Le Matin.